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Records Retrieval, Organizing & Summarization

Serving clients with our comprehensive Record Retrieval services since 2004.

Mangalam has a team of experienced and trained professionals who are available 24x7x365 to Request, Collect, Verify, Organize, Bookmark, Review, Interpret and Analyze Medical records. Our team processes more than 50,000 pages/day of all types of records such as medical, employment, social security, billing, insurance and other business records.
We also have a dedicated call center with 200+ team members to help you retrieve records from the medical providers. Our team of experienced callers can Verify Medical Providers and Identify other Possible Providers to collect medical records as value-added services for you and your clients.

Why Mangalam for your Record Retrieval Services?

We are a leading offshore Litigation Support Services Company, that provides Records Retrieval for companies in the US and other Litigation Support Services globally. We are an ISO 27001-2013 certified company with very strong Information Security infrastructure. Each of your team member undergoes a 3rd party verification and sign an NDA before onboarding to ensure complete confidentiality and privacy of your information and data. We are dedicated to provide on time, cost effective, high quality services using latest technologies.

  • Expertise on Record Retrieval databases: MR8, Legacy, WinCopy and Web Based.
  • Other Value Added Services: TOC, OCR, Bates Stamping, Redaction, Product Sticker Identification and Bookmarking, Image Rotation and Page Sizing.
New Order Entry
  • Validating all elements of HIPAA authorization (dates, signatures, scope etc.)
  • Reconfirming the providers details for successfully sending the request in first attempt
  • Preparing record request by inserting the required data and special instructions
Retrieve Records from Medical Providers
  • Confirming the receipt of request/prepayment
  • Checking for the additional document/payment
  • Checking the turnaround time and updating call outcome on the client application
  • Acquire records quickly by building a good repo with Providers
Verification of Records
  • Confirm the Patient Name, DOB and SSN with the request and records received.
Records Organizing/Chronology
  • Organizing & Indexing medical records as per each Insurance companies and attorney’s requirement(Progress note, Laboratory, Radiology, Diagnostic, History & Physical, Physician Orders, Medications, Nurse Notes and physical therapy etc.)
Medical Records Summarisation Services

Law firms and insurance companies as part of their primary business are required to go through volumes of medical records for various reasons. These medical records are complex and contain a lot of abbreviation, medical terminology and often illegible handwritten notes.

Our team of experts help our clients by providing them with accurate and organized customized medical summaries as per their requirements.

Types of summaries our experts provide:

It provides general description of the medical records by sorting them based on dates of service and document identification number and indexing records for review. This helps client review documents effectively as per requirement.

Client gets brief description of the information contained in the patient’s medical records, along with document tabs and page numbers to help assimilate pertinent information effectively as per requirement

You get an exhaustive view of the patient’s medical records for an extensive review and analysis. Clients can take advantage of this service in case of medical malpractice and personal injury cases wherein an exhaustive analysis of the medical record is required.

Client gets customized summary for the information requested by the client from the complete client data. For instance, a client needs all reports wherein the cause of a particular disease conditions, drug reactions, allergies or implants is mentioned our team will collate the information and present the report to the clients.

Our team helps hyperlink and bookmark medical records for the clients to help reduce document review time and analyze required documents for the case.

  • PDF Files: Bookmarks the pages and highlight by searching reports based on client requirements (e.g. where there is mention of Xarelto drug with the dosage and year of use or Hernia Mesh). Our team then uses the bookmarked reports to complete questionnaires provided by the client to fill asper client guidelines.
  • CD: It helps search for devices in the medical images (IVC filter or any other devices) provided by the client in form of CDs or any kind of digital media. Out team identifies the device from the medical images and complete questionnaires as per client guidelines. This helps client to search or filter the implanted devices from the medical images. Based on the filled questionnaires the client can identify the relevant or important cases/patient and starts further processing.

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