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Litigation Support Services

Effectively managing legal documents is key in litigation processes. Mangalam has been a trusted leader in Unitization, Legal coding, Redaction, Format conversion, OCR and host of other services required by Legal professionals.

Mangalam’s professionals have executed work for 100+ Litigation Support Companies globally in last 15 years.

Logical Document Determination

More than 8 million images processed / year in last 10 years
• • •

Our team uses in-house software to process client data. The team converts the scanned images to documents in order to identify the document boundaries and its attachments. All document processing is done as per client requirement and with complete data security.

Legal Coding services

Coded more than 8 million documents/ Year in last 10 years

We offer our clients the advantages of hybrid coding wherein our team uses the VPN and RDP platform for the coding service. In case of an international client or the client requires the documents to remain within client premises our professionals provide efficient and reliable coding services from the hosting server at the client site. Our in-house coding software allows our team to work as per client requirements.

We offer in-text coding wherein we code the information captured from the documents such as In-text person names, organization names, site names, locations, project names, etc to help our clients.

We offer our clients with bibliographic coding wherein our team extracts information from the client data as per requirement. Coding fields such as Document Type, Document Date, Document Title, Author, Recipient, CC, BCC, Characteristics, etc. are coded as per the coding manual and guidelines provided by the client. Our team has coded over 2.4 million documents every year in the last 5 years as part of our Bibliographic Coding services.

We offer keyword coding wherein we capture the keywords from the client data such as SSN, Account Numbers, Site Names, Address, to help our clients access and review the information needed more effectively.

Legal Document Value Added Services

Our team is trained to provide other customized document management services to our clients as per requirement to help manage an effective workflow and provide complete back- office support.

Bates Coding
Endorsing / Stamping the Bates
Image Processing
PDF Processing
Hyperlinking and Bookmarking Services
Data Entry & Database Management Services

While the information age continues to change the way we do business and how activities are documented, the need for solutions that mine valuable data from physical and digital assets remains constant. Today, advanced analytics drives the world’s most successful companies to new heights. Our specialized professionals at Mangalam help you unlock the potential of the information you already possess.

Industries and Verticals Covered

Legal Industry
Telecom Industry
Healthcare Sector
Hospitality Industry
Government Agencies
Insurance Sector

Mangalam offers professional forms processing services that organize informational forms in all of their configuration such as scanned, hard copies, faxed, or digital. Our experts extract relevant data and create fully formatted databases that are ready for analysis and retrieval at any given time.

Data mining is a continuous progression of discovery and interpretation. Our team mine relevant data that help our clients answer complex business questions that need foresight and inference and take business decisions.

Mangalam offers indexing and archiving services wherein our team sorts, organizes and categorizes client data into an indexed database. The indexed and archived data help clients search, access and retrieve required information easily leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Document Digitalization Services: Converting files from formats such as text, PDF, xls, tiff to digital .
  • Data Conversion Services: High-quality keyboarding and re-keying small amounts of high-value materials. Excel Formatting Services: Data entry in MS Excel as per requirement.
  • OCR Services: Scan paper documents and images into digital formats for further processing.

Mangalam Infotech Offers

  • Data integrity check and response within 10 minutes from project receipt
  • Inhouse Application for Project auto allocation and reporting
  • Deadline compliance and accuracy > 99%
  • Rolling deliveries facilitated for ongoing and expedited projects

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