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IntelliRCM is committed to being a trusted RCM partner through our high standards of data security and compliance.

IntelliRCM, a brand of Mangalam Infotech, is a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions provider to the US Healthcare Industry. With over 20 years of experience in the Business Process Management, Our team helps Medical practice and Hospitals streamline and enhance their Medical Coding, Billing and Collection services.

We have a team of Physicians and RCM leaders who have extensive experience working in the Healthcare and Insurance Industry in the United States.

Benefits our clients receive from our services:

  1. Reduced staffing and overhead cost
  2. Enhanced quality in the billing process
  3. Increased collections
  4. Reduced rejections and unreimbursed claims

We also provide value-added services such as Insurance/clearinghouse Credentialing, Medical Transcription, Patient Engagement, Fax & Document Management, Document Indexing and Authorisation services.


Our expert Billers and A/R collectors ensure effective, error-free billing. Our teams have helped our clients increase revenues and decrease costs by 2 to 4% through our efficient, customised, flexible and competitive solutions.

Our team is confident of providing our clients with the best in class services available in the Industry. At IntelliRCM, we value our clients and our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer our clients a free trial period of two months to help them visualize the benefits. Clients are not required to sign any binding contract before they are fully convinced to use our comprehensive billing and collection services.

It is difficult for Physicians & Clinic administrators to manage different software providers and billing company. Often Practice Management software involves upgrades, customization and maintenance. IntelliRCM offers a highly intuitive, user-friendly, customizable and proven Practice Management software “FREE OF COST”!. This will not only reduce the practice cost significantly but also free up the hassle of maintaining the software. Clients also have the option to subscribe to our EHR Software wherein we take the end to end responsibility of your software and billing needs at significantly lower cost.

Our Expertise: Our teams also work with other leading EHR & PM software in the Industry.

Don’t let the software stop you! Incase of a different software please get in touch with us!

Revenue Cycle Management Specialities
01 Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
02 Pulmonary
03 Gastroenterology
04 Neurology
05 Nephrology
06 Oncology
07 Urgent Care
Urgent Care
08 Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
09 General Surgery
General Surgery
10 Family Medicine
Family Medicine
11 Cardiology
12 OB/ GYN
13 DME/Supply
14 Pediatrics
15 Pathology
16 Hospital Billing
Hospital Billing
17 Radiology
18 Ophthalmology
19 Optometry
20 Pain Management
Pain Management
21 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
22 Chiropractic
23 Podiatry
24 Emergency Room
Emergency Room
25 Urology
26 Anesthesiology
27 Nursing Home / SNF
Nursing Home / SNF
28 Behavioral Health/Psychiatry
Behavioral Health/Psychiatry
29 Dermatology
Revenue Cycle Management Services
Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling Calling patients and scheduling their appointments with the physicians based on time and date. Informing patients about the necessary documents to bring.
Medical Coding Medical Coding We access the superbills and detailed patient information from the physician's office through a secure network. The medical documents are verified and their validation is communicated to the client. The healthcare documents are then sent to the medical coding department to assign CPT and ICD codes. The coded documents are subjected to proof-reading and cross-checked by the medical coding manager. The coded documents are then forwarded to the charge entry team. We also validate the code entered by the clients.
Claims submission Claims submission Once the charges are entered and audited, the claims are then filed electronically. We also have the capability to process paper claims. Usually, at clearinghouses, the claims go through some type of cursory filtering software to ensure that they are accurate and all information is contained within the document. Within 24 hours, a paper report is sent back with errors that have been caught. Once we have the report, the incorrect claims are rectified with the necessary information within 24 hours and the claims are resubmitted to the insurance company.
Denial Management Denial Management The denied claims are addressed on a priority basis - our billers and coders find the missing puzzle pieces fast, and re-file or appeal the denial. We have Denial Analysts on board who fix the issue and send the claim for reprocessing. If the claim needs more information from the provider, then these gaps are filled promptly; if the claim is denied and the patient is responsible, the claim is billed to the patient.
Credit Balance, Insurance and Patient Credit Balance, Insurance and Patient Part of our medical billing outsourcing services, we can perform credit balance processing of the payer or patient, after verifying that it is a case of overpayment. This ensures correct and timely refunds to the appropriate entity.
Reports and Analytic Reports and Analytic We provide customised reports on weekly and monthly basis for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) , offering a detailed picture of your practice's financial health. Our IT and analytics team can provide you trends, insights and recommendations with visual graphics.
Eligibility Verification & Prior-Authorization Eligibility Verification & Prior-Authorization Before the patient's visit to the provider, we perform pre-insurance verification to check eligibility regarding the particular insurance, requirement for any pre-authorization or referral, whether any co-payment has to be collected, if the patient has met the deductible, the amount of co-insurance the patient shares, and whether the patient's insurance covers the service sought from the provider. This step is important because many insurances do not provide retro-authorization.
Charge Entry & Demographic Entry Charge Entry & Demographic Entry The charges from the coded documents are entered into the particular patient account. If the patient is new and an account number does not exist as yet, then the patient account is created by entering all the demographic details from the patient registration form. Before transmitting the claims to the insurance payer through the clearinghouse, the entered charges are audited by the Quality Assurance (QA) team to ensure a 'clean claim' is submitted.
Payment Posting Payment Posting When our team of experienced medical billing outsourcing professionals receives scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and checks, these payments are entered into the system. As part of this task, we also charge appropriate patient accounts and initiate the process for denied claims in case the actual claim is far below the expected one. Reconciliation takes place on a daily basis.
Account Receivables Account Receivables Once the claims are submitted to the payer for processing, our expert medical billing follow-up team resolutely pursues all unpaid insurance claims that have crossed the 30 days bucket in order to reduce the accounts receivable (AR) days of the claim. Sometimes, the claims are underpaid by the insurance payer, and in this case, we ensure that the underpaid claims are processed and paid correctly. The denied claims are appealed by our AR team.
Patient Statements processing Patient Statements processing We follow up with patients for any pending balance due after the insurance claim is processed A patient statement is generated and filed on a weekly or monthly basis, as per your business requirement. Follow-up is done through phone calls. If no response is received from the patient, we move those balances to collections, generate a report for it and send it to you for further action.
Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Provider Enrollment and Credentialing We complete all applications and necessary paperwork on your behalf with the chosen payer networks and government entities. We follow all payer contracts through to contract load date and provide copies of fully executed contract and fee schedules to your practise or billing company. We also maintain and update the CAQH profile.

We offer a user friendly and feature rich EHR & PM Software as a one stop RCM Solution.


Our Expertise: Our teams have also worked with other leading EHR & PM software in the Industry.

Don’t let the software stop you! In case of a different software please get in touch with us.

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