Records Retrieval & Organization

Mangalamis leading offshore support service provider for ‘Record Retrieval’ companies since the year 2004.. Our team of experienced professionals in Medical Records Retrieval services use in-house software to assist clients in obtaining all types of medical records. Services provided by our team:

  1. Update MR8 or web database for new orders
  2. Prepare Authorization/Subpoena packets
  3. Follow up with providers for records
  4. Verification of medical records
  1. Customized capturing, organizing &indexing of medical records
  2. Extensive QA/QC
  3. Bookmark and hyperlink medical records
  4. Complete back office support
Advantages of our offshore record retrieval services to our clients:
  • 12 hour turnaround time
  • Significant benefit on operational cost
  • Real time back office support