Bibliographic Coding

Mangalam has been providing offshore litigation support services for over 10 years now. We work with some of the largest litigation support companies in the US, Canada and Australia. Some of the highlights of our LDD, Coding capabilities are:

On an average, we have processed over 5 million images every year in the last 5 years as part of our LDD services.

On an average, we have coded over 2.4 million documents every year in the last 5 years as part of our Bibliographic Coding services.

The process – offshore coding

The data for unitization/coding is placed on a secure ftp server. The offshore team downloads the data, and carries out the LDD/Coding project as per the coding manual/specifications. After successful completion of QC and QA, the relevant files are uploaded back to the secure ftp server.

Hybrid coding capabilities

For projects that are sensitive in nature, and have restrictions of data moving out of the country, we provide hybrid coding services where the data is hosted on servers in the local country e.g. US or UK.

Our team connects to the server in the US/UK using Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) through a secure 128 bit encrypted VPN connection. Our in-house coding software is installed on our servers in the US/UK, which allows the coding team to carry out their work without any changes to the process including the QA process.

This process ensures that the data stays within the local country, and the processing happens in-land without moving the data offshore.

What our clients say on our coding & e-discovery services

We are truly appreciative of your team’s effort and quality of work for all projects that you’ve work with us on. Specifically for this case which requires a very aggressive turnaround time, your team has gone above and beyond our expectations. I want to thank your entire staff for a great and dependable relationship we’ve had over these past 5 years.

TeeAnje Chia
Project Manager, Merrill Corporation NY – USA

Merrill Corporation is one of the leading litigation support companies in the US, and have been using our Coding solutions for more than 5 years now.

Since the inception of the Responsive / Mangalam relationship began in March 07 I would rate the overall experience as great. We have developed a good working relationship and have been overall pleased with the quality of work. Our work relationship with Mangalam has allowed us to offer our clients 24/7 support and has allowed us to meet increasingly tight deadlines. Knowing our work is getting done while our clients are sleeping is a great bonus. Additionally utilizing Mangalam has allowed us to effectively add staff in numbers we would not be able to hire in the US.

Jeff Davall
Partner, Responsive Data Solutions

Responsive Data Solutions is a leading E-Discovery & Coding Services Provider in the US.