31 January, 2022

Pre Budget Expectations 2022

Whether it is a country or an individual, everyone needs a systematic budget. But, why does a country need an Annual Budget, and why is it so important?

These experts will share their insight on what kind of budget we can expect, what government should take care of, how the budget can impact a business, individual, student, working-class and everyone. They will be discussing on what are the key focuses of this year’s budget, how will it help the economy which is suffering from the pandemic and, how will the budget strengthen the economy.

Shrishti Bhandari, Executive Director, Mangalam Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. On Women Empowerment through budgeting in India story

Women empowerment is an ongoing process and not a one-off initiative. The Union Budget lays down the roadmap for the entire fiscal year. It is crucial to increase allocation to women-related schemes. Moreover, the government should take steps to ensure the creation of more job opportunities for women. Hence, the Budget should prioritize appropriate skilling and training programs for women, grant certain incentives to women-led start-ups and strengthen access to mentoring and incubator networks. At the same time, it is essential to sensitize people on the significance of women empowerment by supporting Information, Education and Communication efforts.

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