14 October, 2021

Mangalam is a leader in off-shore outsourcing needs for businesses globally.

May 26, 2021 (Ahmedabad, India – New York, USA) Mangalam is a leader in off-shore outsourcing needs for businesses globally. Our team of 400+ highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals have served over 30 international clients since the year 2000. Our teams work 24x7x365 to help our clients grow exponentially in the IT /ITES industry. Mangalam, in the last 21 years has had the opportunity to work with e-Discovery vendors, Medical Records Retrieval vendors, Law Firms, IT Industry and the US Healthcare Industry.

Today, Mangalam introduces a new full service offering to add to their expanding program. A close relative of e-Discovery, Managed Attorney Review is a long-term, cost- effective end-to end solution when legal teams need to review exponential amounts of documents. Law firms and corporate legal departments often choose to manage their eDiscovery process internally, but when the amount of data to review increases, and their in-house resources decrease, it creates a significant void. The on demand need to have agile attorney review teams that can be put in place at a moment’s notice is essential.

To fill that gap, Mangalam is introducing Managed Attorney Review as the newest service in our diverse portfolio. At the core, the aim is simple: effective and accurate review of your data to help you focus on other tasks ahead. The industry is seeing a rise in data volumes, complexities, and technological advancements. With that in mind, assembling a team that can meet your expectations can often be challenging, time consuming and expensive. Mangalam Attorney Review will let you design your custom offshore team of highly qualified, English speaking attorneys. Design your team based on number of attorneys, experience levels, types of documents to review and timeline of your project.

A detailed document of Mangalam’s full-service offering is available upon request.

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