01 January, 2022

Expectations for 2022- Let’s know what the leaders have to say for the year ahead

It is just the first day of 2022, and it seems like this year is going to be full of advancement and growth from the market and business point of view. Brands have been more enthusiastic for the year ahead and a number of startups under the technological segment have been planning a lot for the Indian market. Indeed, the plans for this year seem to be big, especially when we talk about AI, technology for consumer durable and health segment- the major highlighted segments which need to be given the focus on.

Today, we have a number of entrepreneurs working towards making a difference, and standing tall in the situation where the market is facing tremendous challenges and hurdles. As we all know that a bumpy road makes the driver better, so are the challenges and shortcomings, which the business owners are witnessing over the period of time. Their main idea this year is to share a voice and enable people to understand how important is the advancement of technology and how much difference it can make if worked proficiently for the next 12 months.

Here we spoke to a few of the industry players from various segments to know what they have been expecting from the year ahead.

Shrishti Bhandari, Executive Director, Mangalam Information Technologies
“2020-21 have unlocked the power of technology in boosting business outcomes, reinventing operational strategies, and maximizing customer experience. 2022 will see the strengthening of this trend wherein AI and cloud computing will revolutionize the way we work, live, and play. The wider adoption of 5G in 2022 will open a gamut of opportunities across industries, such as telehealthcare, e-learning, telecom, mobility, and many more. Being among the fastest-growing economies with the availability of a massive talent pool due to demographic dividends, India is well-poised to spearhead the IT revolution.”

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