About Us

Mangalam is a leading offshore ‘Litigation Support’ Services provider, based in Ahmedabad-India. Our services cover a wide range of litigation support services including Offshore EDD Data Processing, Bibliographic Coding and Records Retrieval related services.

Information Security

Mangalam is a ISO 27001-2013 certified organization. ISO 27001-2013 is the highest information security certification, and compliance to this standard ensures ‘Confidentiality’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Availability’ of data. We have provided more details on what it means to have processes compliant to ISO 27001-2013 in our ‘Insights’ section.

Some of the key data & information security practices followed at Mangalam are:

In-house Servers are protected using access control devices.

No removable media is provided on operator workstations.

Every operator and Server activity is logged and monitored.

Network is immune to any unauthorized access/hacking through active Firewall.

The main server is equipped with dual high-speed CPUs and RAID.

Level Five Security, ensuring failsafe redundancy.

Authenticated System Access.

Authenticated Server Access for Privileged Users only.

Strong Password Policy & Password Ageing.

Inactive Session Terminations.

Data Partitioning with appropriate access rights.

User Activity Auditing.

All employees sign a confidentiality agreement before joining the company.

Employee activity in work area is monitored.

No hand baggage, no printed material or data storage media is permitted in production area.

Workstations do not have slots to access data through removable media.

Efficient 24 X 7 security personnel guard the facility.

Employees are trained on privacy and data security norms of the organization.

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