EDD Data Processing

Our clients use our Offshore Data Processing services to:

Get 24 x 7 data processing abilities.

QC of large production sets.

Vastly Improve the ROI on E-Discovery Investments.

Reduce prices but improve margins at the same time.

Bibliographic Coding

Salient points about our Bibliographic Coding Services are:

Large and a highly experienced team.

Experienced in handling large, quick turn-around projects.

Records Retrieval & Organization

We assist Records Retrieval firms in the US to optimize their operations by:

Organizing & Bookmarking all records after scope validation.

Improving the Turn-around times in organizing of records since our offshore team organizes records during the US night time

Significant Cost savings in back office operations like new order entry, authorization creation etc.

"Since the inception of the Responsive / Mangalam relationship began in March 07 I would rate the overall experience as great. We have developed a good working relationship and have been overall..."

Jeff Davall

"Overall, my experience with Mangalam and the services you provide is extremely positive. Your service allows Chart Access to streamline processes and push work through our system much faster than if..."

Brian Odum

"I have been working with Mangalam Infotech for over a year on a special project. The team members working on the project deliver excellent work on day to day basis. After training, the team has taken..."

Bruce Rosenberg

"We are truly appreciative of your team’s effort and quality of work for all projects that you’ve work with us on. Specifically for this case which requires a very aggressive turnaround time, your..."

TeeAnje Chia

"I am very happy overall with our relationship. The quality is good, and the work is timely. It frees up a lot of time to do other things which is main objective here; the more of my time we free up,..."

James Russo

"Mangalam has been doing our medical transcription service since December 2001. For the past 8 years, we have enjoyed a friendly, reliable service from Mangalam's crew. They have always met our turn..."

Gerry M. Cobos

" I have been working with Mangalam for over two years now and couldn’t be happier with their results and turnaround time."