Records Retrieval & Organization

Mangalam has been providing offshore support for ‘Record Retrieval’ companies for more than 10 years now. Some of the highlights of our services in this area are:

On an average, we process over 6 million pages of records including medical, billing, pharmacy, radiology, claims, business, personal & payroll records every year as part of our Litigation Support services for ‘Record Retrieval’ companies in the US.

We can organize & index up to 40,000 pages of medical records every day, and this capacity can be scaled up very easily.

Key Advantages

Some of the key benefits our clients derive from our services are:

Operational Benefits: Our clients don’t have to worry about optimal staffing to organize unpredictable number of pages/records every day. They don’t have to worry about over worked teams when the records volume is high OR they don’t have to worry about not enough work for the team when the volume of records to be organized is low.

Faster Turnaround times for your clients because the offshore team will organize/index the records when its night time in the US (Time zone difference). We usually provide a turn-around-time of 12 hours, so when you send the unorganized files in the evening, you will get the organized files back the next day morning when you come to the office.

We also help our clients save costs and improve turn-around-times in their back office operations by helping them with:

  • Order entry and order updates in MR-8 (or any other order tracking database)
  • Creation of authorizations requesting data
  • Posting of records and other similar back office tasks for a records retrieval organization

Significant Cost Benefits: Since our operations are based out of India, our clients save more than 60% on their operational costs when compared to their in-house costs of operations.


The process is very simple. Our clients upload the unorganized/raw medical records which they receive from the custodian onto our secure ftp server. We download them to our secure processing environment, organize/index them using our in-house software and then upload it back to the secure ftp server. All of this happens while you are sleeping. This is because you would upload the unorganized medical records when you leave your office for the day, and come back next morning to get all the records organized and indexed.

For back office support services like Order entry and updates, we connect to our client’s network through a secure VPN network and work on the database.

What our clients say on our record retrival services:

I have been working with Mangalam for over two years now and couldn’t be happier with their results and turnaround time.

Partner – National Leading Records Retrieval Company