Medical Transcription

Mangalam is a pioneer in the field of offshore medical transcription services. We have been providing client ready transcription services to providers in the US for more than a decade. We proudly claim that our team of transcriptionists is one of the most experienced in the offshore MT space in India. We provide medical transcripts with 98.5% quality (AHDI-QA Best Practices) and adhere to TAT (turn around time) set by our clients. Our transcription team follows comprehensive quality assurance programs which lead to accurate and complete medical transcripts. As a process we implement PDCA (plan, do, check, act), to achieve accurate processes and systems in our medical transcription department.

We provide transcription services in the following specialities:



Internal Medicine

Occupational Medicine / Physical Rehabilitation


Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary

Oncology / Hematology


Physical Therapy





Other specialties

Our services cover all types of reports including:

Operative Reports

History and Physical Reports

Discharge Summary / Clinical Notes

Progress / SOAP / Consultation Notes

Medicolegal Reports (IOC, IME, PEER Reviews, MMI, PR2, P&S, and FR)

Telephone-Based Dictation Server

Physicians may dictate to our dictation server using a toll-free telephone number. Resultant voice files are immediately available for transcription.

Handheld Dictation Device

For maximum mobility, physicians may dictate using a hand-held digital unit. The resultant voice file is uploaded to our central computer via secured FTP.