EDD Data Processing – Project Case Study

Client Problem:

  1. Data Missing in Review Platform
  2. Completely unstructured layout of loaded data

The data was spread on different platform as below:

Number of LAW Cases – 55

Number of Concordance Database – 387

Number Of Custodians Involved – 200+

Reasons for this problem

  1. Unstructured database on review platform
  2. Partial data loaded in processing platform done by multiple people from different locations at different intervals
  3. No tracking mechanism for loaded, processed data

Expected Output

Complete Report of data in different locations along with the state of the data

Our Solution

Stage 1 – Preparing Inventory of Data

We prepared the list of existing Concordance Database located on the network. Then we verified the data in all the Concordance Databases with the data already available on the processing platform.
We then verified the data present on the processing platform against the data present on the Review Platform

Stage 2 – Generating Deviation Report

Based on the inventory list created in Stage-1, we generated the deviation reports for the differences we found in all the available 3 data locations (Concordance Database, Processing platform and Review platform).

Stage 3 – Fix the deviations

We prepared fresh tracker with accurate position of data on respective platform and its structure. We processed and re-processed data based on the context and processing demands of the project.