EDD Data Processing

Our Capabilities in offshore e-discovery processing:

Mangalam has been delivering offshore litigation support services for clients in the US for over 10 years now. We have a team of close to 100 people working on offshore E-Discovery processing & offshore Bibliographic Coding projects. The average experience of our litigation support professional is over 4 years. Below are some highlights that portray our abilities in offshore litigation support services:

Average amount of data processed in E-discovery projects is over 3000 GB every year (native processing & tiffing) in the last 4 years using ‘Law Prediscovery 5+’.

On an average, we have processed over 5 million images every year in the last 5 years as part of our LDD services.

On an average, we have coded over 2.4 million documents every year in the last 5 years as part of our Bibliographic Coding services.

Organization structure, Delivery process & Project management details:
Offshore e-Discovery Services

The offshore E-discovery team comprises of trained E-Discovery professionals capable of working on ‘Law Prediscovery’ and ‘iPro eCap’ platform. We have in-house capabilities to train our employees in e-discovery data processing on both these platforms. For data processing using any other software solution, we would re-train some of our existing professionals on the new software as per the needs of our client.


The server hosting the data to be processed is usually based in the client facility in USA. The off-shore team logs-in to these servers through a secure 128 bit encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network), and uses the client’s processing platform and environment to carry out data processing tasks.

We provide 24 x 7 data processing services. Our teams operate in 3 shifts and each shift has a shift leader. The shift leader would co-ordinate with the client project manager to manage & deliver the data processing project

Benefits of a offshore facility

In addition to significant financial gains every year, there are key non-financial & operational benefits of having a dedicated offshore team. Some of them are

Operational Flexibility – Relatively easy to set up a 24 x 7 operations

Ability to add man power as needed – especially in QC of large production sets with quick Turn-around-times.

Ability to scale resources without the additional cost of associated capital expenditure like work place, infrastructure etc

Benefits of an employee without the overheads of employee benefits like healthcare, insurance etc

Our clients save more than US $ 1 Million for every 4 TB of data processed by the offshore team

Frequently asked questions:

1) What are your employee’s skill sets and do they require training? What applications do they know – ‘Law-Prediscovery’ etc?

We have pretty good competence with ‘Law Pre-discovery 5 and above’ as we have been working with this software for more than 10 years now. We have recently added capabilities to process data using the ‘iPro eCap’ platform as well.

We understand the EDD data processing domain pretty well, and hence we can easily learn other data processing applications in a short time and provide services based on that particular application. This includes ramping up on any in-house or proprietary software.

2) What process do you use to hand off projects between your team and onshore teams? Is there a methodology that your team requires us to adhere to?

Over a period of time, we have developed a very stable and tested information exchange templates that streamlines the process of handing over projects across the shores. We use these information templates and project management methodology as a starting point and then tailor them to align with the needs of our client’s process and requirements. Because of our long experience with offshore data processing, we understand the finer nuances and complexities of the projects and the importance of a well defined process to ensure smooth and successful operations.

3) What is your project tracking methodology?

We track projects using shared spread-sheets. The team working on a particular project updates the project status information in these spread-sheets.

4) What is your QC process?

Usually, the scope and levels of QC are finalized with our client at the start of any data processing project. It is largely dictated by the amount of data processed, the key points to be covered in the QC process and the TAT for that particular project. Based on the scope of QC, the team manually verifies the output of the software after data processing is complete and works with the client project manager in case of any significant exceptions or issues found during the QC process.

5) What tool/application do you use to connect to our network to ensure data security?

We connect to our client’s network using 128 bit encrypted secure VPN. Mostly, we use third party applications like Mindshift, Watchguard etc. but can also use standard Windows VPN set-up to connect to our client’s network.

EDD Data Processing – Project Case Study

Bibliographic Coding

Mangalam has been providing offshore litigation support services for over 10 years now. We work with some of the largest litigation support companies in the US, Canada and Australia. Some of the highlights of our LDD, Coding capabilities are:

On an average, we have processed over 5 million images every year in the last 5 years as part of our LDD services.

On an average, we have coded over 2.4 million documents every year in the last 5 years as part of our Bibliographic Coding services.

The process – offshore coding

The data for unitization/coding is placed on a secure ftp server. The offshore team downloads the data, and carries out the LDD/Coding project as per the coding manual/specifications. After successful completion of QC and QA, the relevant files are uploaded back to the secure ftp server.

Hybrid coding capabilities

For projects that are sensitive in nature, and have restrictions of data moving out of the country, we provide hybrid coding services where the data is hosted on servers in the local country e.g. US or UK.

Our team connects to the server in the US/UK using Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) through a secure 128 bit encrypted VPN connection. Our in-house coding software is installed on our servers in the US/UK, which allows the coding team to carry out their work without any changes to the process including the QA process.

This process ensures that the data stays within the local country, and the processing happens in-land without moving the data offshore.

What our clients say on our coding & e-discovery services

We are truly appreciative of your team’s effort and quality of work for all projects that you’ve work with us on. Specifically for this case which requires a very aggressive turnaround time, your team has gone above and beyond our expectations. I want to thank your entire staff for a great and dependable relationship we’ve had over these past 5 years.

TeeAnje Chia
Project Manager, Merrill Corporation NY – USA

Merrill Corporation is one of the leading litigation support companies in the US, and have been using our Coding solutions for more than 5 years now.

Since the inception of the Responsive / Mangalam relationship began in March 07 I would rate the overall experience as great. We have developed a good working relationship and have been overall pleased with the quality of work. Our work relationship with Mangalam has allowed us to offer our clients 24/7 support and has allowed us to meet increasingly tight deadlines. Knowing our work is getting done while our clients are sleeping is a great bonus. Additionally utilizing Mangalam has allowed us to effectively add staff in numbers we would not be able to hire in the US.

Jeff Davall
Partner, Responsive Data Solutions

Responsive Data Solutions is a leading E-Discovery & Coding Services Provider in the US.

Records Retrieval & Organization

Mangalamis leading offshore support service provider for ‘Record Retrieval’ companies since the year 2004.. Our team of experienced professionals in Medical Records Retrieval services use in-house software to assist clients in obtaining all types of medical records. Services provided by our team:

  1. Update MR8 or web database for new orders
  2. Prepare Authorization/Subpoena packets
  3. Follow up with providers for records
  4. Verification of medical records
  1. Customized capturing, organizing &indexing of medical records
  2. Extensive QA/QC
  3. Bookmark and hyperlink medical records
  4. Complete back office support
Advantages of our offshore record retrieval services to our clients:
  • 12 hour turnaround time
  • Significant benefit on operational cost
  • Real time back office support

Medical Transcription

Mangalam is a pioneer in the field of offshore medical transcription services. We have been providing client ready transcription services to providers in the US for more than a decade. We proudly claim that our team of transcriptionists is one of the most experienced in the offshore MT space in India. We provide medical transcripts with 98.5% quality (AHDI-QA Best Practices) and adhere to TAT (turn around time) set by our clients. Our transcription team follows comprehensive quality assurance programs which lead to accurate and complete medical transcripts. As a process we implement PDCA (plan, do, check, act), to achieve accurate processes and systems in our medical transcription department.

We provide transcription services in the following specialities:



Internal Medicine

Occupational Medicine / Physical Rehabilitation


Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary

Oncology / Hematology


Physical Therapy





Other specialties

Our services cover all types of reports including:

Operative Reports

History and Physical Reports

Discharge Summary / Clinical Notes

Progress / SOAP / Consultation Notes

Medicolegal Reports (IOC, IME, PEER Reviews, MMI, PR2, P&S, and FR)

Telephone-Based Dictation Server

Physicians may dictate to our dictation server using a toll-free telephone number. Resultant voice files are immediately available for transcription.

Handheld Dictation Device

For maximum mobility, physicians may dictate using a hand-held digital unit. The resultant voice file is uploaded to our central computer via secured FTP.

Medical Summaries

Medical Summary Services

Law firms, insurance companies as part of their primary business are required to go through volumes of medical records for various reasons. These medical records are complex and contain a lot of abbreviation, medical terminology and often illegible handwritten notes.

MITPL team of trained experts helps these organizations by providing an accurate and well organized medical summary which our clients can use in their primary business. We can provide these summaries in industry standard format or any specific format required by the client.


MITPL offers three different types of summarization services – narrative summary – comprehensive summary – annotated index summary. We also offer custom-made summarization, e.g., facility wise, tab wise, etc. Your summary will look exactly the way you like it to be.

MITPL Narrative Summary gives a brief description of the information contained in the patient’s medical records, permitting you to quickly assimilate the most pertinent information. Our summary locates the document’s tab and page numbers, making it easy for you to find the record cited and going back to the summary again.

MITPL Comprehensive Summary gives the most exhaustive view of the patient’s medical records, and is the most ideal way to extract information for review and analysis. This is especially useful in medical malpractice or personal injury cases when an exhaustive analysis of the medical records is needed.

MITPL Annotated Summary gives a general idea of the medical records with words relating and explaining what they are relevant to, in addition to the dates of service and document identification number. This is useful for those who are short on time or just want their records sorted and indexed for easy reference and ease of understanding.

Key reasons why leading Litigation Support Companies call us for creation of medical summaries are:

Organized, Tabbed and Hyperlinked medical summaries that link to the original medical record.

Save over 75% on their medical summary creation costs.

Write to us at sales@mangalaminfotech.com for a sample medical summary and pricing detail.

Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Our team at Mangalam consists of trained professionals to provide software development services to develop desktop applications using Microsoft .NET and web applications using Microsoft .NET technologies and PHP.


Our team at Mangalam acts as an extended arm of salesforce consulting partners to help them to customize salesforce CRM as per their requirements. Our team had worked with over 40 clients in last one year and help them to customize their salesforce org. We have in-house setup for salesforce customization and administrative training.

Our salesforce team has over 5 years of experience in handling the following customization services:

  • Object configurations such as managing fields, page layouts and creating custom objects
  • Implement automation using validation rules, workflow rules, process builder and flow
  • Managing user profiles and sharing rules
  • Customization of Report and Dashboard
  • Data migration from existing systems such as MySQL, MS-SQL, Access or existing salesforce org to salesforce using apex data loader and Jitterbit data loader
  • APEX, Visualforce, and Lightning custom development services