Medical Transcription

Mangalam is a pioneer in the field of offshore medical transcription services. We have been providing client ready transcription services to providers in the US for more than a decade. We proudly claim that our team of transcriptionists is one of the most experienced in the offshore MT space in India. We provide medical transcripts with 98.5% quality (AHDI-QA Best Practices) and adhere to TAT (turn around time) set by our clients. Our transcription team follows comprehensive quality assurance programs which lead to accurate and complete medical transcripts. As a process we implement PDCA (plan, do, check, act), to achieve accurate processes and systems in our medical transcription department.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Transcription to Mangalam

The advantages of medical transcription outsourcing are numerous.

  • The primary advantage of outsourcing to Mangalam is the time gained. In hospitals and clinics, the patients’ physical reports, operative reports, consultation notes, laboratory reports, discharge summaries, and many more are outsourced to Mangalam. These files are usually voice files dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Medical transcriptionists at Mangalam transcribe these files and send them back via secure e-mail. Thus, medical transcription outsourcing to Mangalam allows hospitals, clinics and healthcare personnel to focus more on their core activities.
  • Another advantage of medical transcription outsourcing to Mangalam is the high end security to the files. The files for transcription are sent through a secure web-enabled voice transfer technology. The files are accurately transcribed into MSWord format. These transcribed files are returned through password-protected process. Only authorized personnel can gain access to the medical transcription reports.
  • Mangalam medical transcriptionists are highly skilled in advanced medical terminology and have a thorough understanding of the procedures, policies, and documentation rules required for the production of medical records. Majority of the transcriptionists working at Mangalam are graduates in biological sciences. This allows them to understand the terminologies and vocabulary used by a doctor. Thus error free reports can be prepared maintaining high accuracy.
  • Low cost for outsourcing is another advantage of medical transcription outsourcing. Mangalam offers medical transcription outsourcing in lower cost. Hospitals and doctors can now get their transcription done at low cost. With expert transcriptionists, works can be completed in fast turn-around-time.

We provide transcription services in the following specialties:

  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Occupational Medicine / Physical Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatry
  • Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary
  • Oncology / Hematology
  • Cardiology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology
  • Other specialties

Our services cover all types of reports including:

  • Operative Reports
  • History and Physical Reports
  • Discharge Summary / Clinical Notes
  • Progress / SOAP / Consultation Notes
  • Medicolegal Reports (IOC, IME, PEER Reviews, MMI, PR2, P&S, and FR)

Diagrammatic Representation of Complete Revenue Cycle:

Three-Tier Transcription Process:

MT: Our medical transcriptionists pay immense attention to your dictations and transcribe them ensuring high level of accuracy within stipulated turnaround time. Our QA team ensures that they go through a three level quality check to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the transcribed files. The transcribed files are delivered in MS-Word or in any format you require. We have 3 levels of rigorous quality assurance and quality control mechanisms, to ensure minimum accuracy levels of above 98.5 %.

Editor: Editor reviews the entire file done by MT and checks for blanks and flagging left by MT after listening to the voice files and double checks medical terminology, appropriateness of terms used, consistency and grammar.

QA: Quality Analyst proofread and double checks medical terminology, appropriateness of terms used, consistency, grammar and ensures formatting is perfect as per the doctor’s requirements.

QC: Quality Control checks consistency in quality through random sampling of 30% of entire work done on a regular basis.

About Consistency in Transcription

Mangalam maintains a staff of highly-skilled medical transcription professionals. Your work will always be done by the same transcriptionists, ensuring consistency and accuracy.


All our transcriptionists undergo a 22 weeks full time training program (SUM SERIES) based on the syllabus & guidelines of AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcription). We keep all customer information fully confidential, secure and fully HIPAA compliant.

About Digital Dictation

Telephone-Based Dictation Server

Physicians may dictate to our dictation server using a toll-free telephone number. Resultant voice files are immediately available for transcription.

Handheld Dictation Device

For maximum mobility, physicians may dictate using a hand-held digital unit. The resultant voice file is uploaded to our central computer via secured FTP.

About Encrypted Documents

For rapid turnaround and remote printing, encrypted documents can be retrieved by email or FTP.

Free Trial

We can provide you a free Non Obligation Trial of 5 days or 500 lines, whatever is earlier.

Why Mangalam?

  • We provide 24/7, 365 days a year operation for real time processing of Medical Transcripts (4 to 48 hours Turn Around Time) covering all Medical Specialties and Report types.
  • Trained and experienced workforce in Medical Terminology as per AHDI guidelines.
  • Resolution and stringent three-tier quality assurance processes.
  • Resolution and assured accuracy rate of 98.5%.
  • Resolution and customized turnaround time.
  • Resolution and competitive pricing.
  • Resolution and capability to work on a wide range of file formats.
  • Resolution and Free trial offer.
  • Rigorous compliance of HIPAA and HCFA processes for maintaining confidentiality and security of the Patient/Physician data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Medical Transcription?

Q2: Do you provide HIPAA compliant medical transcription services?

Q3: How can be the dictation transferred to you?

Q4: What are the security measures taken by you while transferring the data?

Q5: Are there any redundancies for your dictation and FTP servers?

Q6: How are your fees based on?

Q7: Do your medical transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements?

Q8: What quality measures do you undergo?

Q9: Do you have any sub-contractors for our transcription work?

Q10: How long do you maintain our dictations and transcripts?

Q11: What is the turn-around time of your medical transcriptions?

Q12: What is the cost of your service?

Q13: What are the payment methods?

Q14: Do you have any references for your service?

A1: Medical transcription is the process in which the medical records that are dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals are converted to documents in required format.


A2: Yes, we have executed some technical as well as administrative actions following the HIPAA regulations in order to safeguard the privacy and personal health information about the patients. We are an ISO 27001-2005 certified organization, and ISO 27001-2005 is the highest standard for information security and data privacy.


A3: If you use the toll free dial-in systems, our transcriptionists can access your dictations the moment you hang up on the line. Otherwise you can upload your dictations in to our secured FTP servers if you use handheld recorders for dictation or if you directly dictate into your computer.


A4: While you send your dictations from your computer to our secured servers or when your dictations are downloaded by our administrators from our US dial-in servers or FTP servers, 448-bit strong encryption of data is performed.


A5: Yes, our secure servers are built with fault tolerant, mirrored drives. So we have a ready redundant system in case of any failures and a backup system if primary system fails.


A6: Our fees are based on characters per line. We charge by the line and calculate one line as consisting of 65 characters including all keystrokes.


A7: Yes, all of our transcriptionists and other staffs sign on non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before working with us, which is effective for two years, post their disassociation from the company.


A8: We have three levels of word-by-word quality check performed by our senior editors and proofreaders. The transcribed documents are checked for any spelling errors, omissions, and formatting, etc., before they are uploaded.


A9: No, every transcribed document is processed by our own employees in our office, so we have better security and control over patient information.


A10: We usually delete voice files every eight weeks and the transcripts every six months, although it is left to the clients to decide how long we should archive their dictations and transcribed reports.


A11: We provide excellent turn-around times of about 4 to 24-48 hours guaranteed.


A12: We normally charge on the basis of turnaround time and per line.


A12: We normally charge on the basis of turnaround time and per line.


A13: Payments are to be made by wire transfer.


A14: For the new customers who are interested in evaluating our services, after the free trial period, we provide them with some of our existing customer contact details, which they can use for further references.