Medical Summaries

Medical Summary Services

Law firms, insurance companies as part of their primary business are required to go through volumes of medical records for various reasons. These medical records are complex and contain a lot of abbreviation, medical terminology and often illegible handwritten notes.

MITPL team of trained experts helps these organizations by providing an accurate and well organized medical summary which our clients can use in their primary business. We can provide these summaries in industry standard format or any specific format required by the client.


Medical summary is one of the different types of solutions offered by attorneys, legal consultants, and medical and legal case review companies. In the medical industry, this service helps in saving time organizing medical records for review and analysis. It also helps in determining negligence and malpractice in terms of treatment rendered to the patient. In the legal field, it helps in assessing and quantifying the virtues and vices of a case.

Summation of the information found in a patient’s medical records is called a medical summary. Arrangement and extensive research of the medical records such as consultation, operating room records, progress notes, physician’s notes, radiology reports, and is done to prepare the summary. Information in medical summary includes: – cause of injury (work comp) – cause of accident (personal injury) – admission and discharge – immediate and subsequent care given – diagnostic testing records – current diagnoses and assessment – medical cost and negligence by provider, etc.


MITPL offers three different types of summarization services – narrative summary – comprehensive summary – annotated index summary. We also offer custom-made summarization, e.g., facility wise, tab wise, etc. Your summary will look exactly the way you like it to be.

MITPL Narrative Summary gives a brief description of the information contained in the patient’s medical records, permitting you to quickly assimilate the most pertinent information. Our summary locates the document’s tab and page numbers, making it easy for you to find the record cited and going back to the summary again.

MITPL Comprehensive Summary gives the most exhaustive view of the patient’s medical records, and is the most ideal way to extract information for review and analysis. This is especially useful in medical malpractice or personal injury cases when an exhaustive analysis of the medical records is needed.

MITPL Annotated Summary gives a general idea of the medical records with words relating and explaining what they are relevant to, in addition to the dates of service and document identification number. This is useful for those who are short on time or just want their records sorted and indexed for easy reference and ease of understanding.


  • Flawless Capturing of Data From Handwritten Notes
  • Chronological Entry Of Patient Data
  • Helps Determining Slackness Or Deviation From The Standards Of Care
  • Identifying Areas Of Concern And Questionable Occurrences
  • Marking Any Pre-Existing Conditions That May Affect The Case


  • Personal Information
  • ER Visit and Hospital Stay
  • Discharge Medications
  • Current Medications
  • Allergies
  • Admission and Discharge From the Hospital
  • Immediate and Subsequent Care Given
  • Diagnostic Test Results
  • Surgical Reports
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Information Concerning The Injury or Illness
  • Medical Professionals Opinion
  • Independent Medical Evaluation Reports

Creating Medical Summary

  • Identifying Case – Personal Injury, Slip and Fall, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, Malpractice
  • Outlining Brief Description of History of Injury and Accident
  • Outlining Current Status – Under Any Treatment, Physical Therapy Or Medications
  • Summary Of The Records – Past Medical History Of The Patient To Evaluate Whether The Present Injury/Accident Has Aggravated Old Injuries Or Conditions
  • Information Of Detailed Test Results
  • Identifying the International Classification of Disease Codes
  • Identifying Clinical Patient Testing Codes
  • Outlining Future Treatment
  • Explanation And Definition Of Medical Terminology And Medical Procedures
  • Interpretation On The Causal Relationship Of Diagnoses And/ Or Treatment To The Loss

MITPL Advantage

The best advantage of MITPL medical summary service is that it saves time, effort, and cost for clients. Medical summaries classify significant information enclosed in a patient’s medical records, which assist attorneys to easily identify the virtues and vices in the cases they handle. Medical records review and summary offers comprehensive information regarding the medical aspects of a case. All medical records are reviewed in detail and the summary is created in such a way that the patient’s personal information, details regarding the illness or injury, medications provided and other core details are systematically and logically arranged for easy access and review.

As they say – the proof of the pudding is in the eating – so go ahead and send us a sample raw data of medical records and we will summarize it for you for free.

Key reasons why leading Litigation Support Companies call us for creation of medical summaries are:

  1. Organized, Tabbed and Hyperlinked medical summaries that link to the original medical record
  2. Save over 75% on their medical summary creation costs

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