Corporate Overview

Mangalam has a conscious focus to serve small & medium sized enterprises, and deliver real and measurable gains of off shoring without depending upon economies of scale. Small and medium size clients do not get the kind of attention from large out sourcing companies for more than one reason. The primary reason would be the insignificant size of business from the small client for the large service provider. Other reasons are lack of agility and flexibility in large out sourcing organizations do not align with the requirements of a nimble small and medium size business.

At Mangalam, since our focus is serving the small and medium business, we go the extra mile to understand and align our service offerings with our clients. We strive very hard to deliver measurable value to our clients and act as a partner in the growth of our clients business. Our client’s needs and benefits are at the centre of all our interactions and engagements. Working with us is equivalent to working with your own team, with the only difference that this team is located on the other side of the globe.


We have a very rigorous screening and recruitment process, and we hire the best people for our client assignments. Based on the project, the team members undergo specific and in-depth training on the process to be supported from off shore. We train them on softer & cultural aspects as well, so that they assimilate in our client’s team in a seamless manner.


Continuous improvement & beating our own benchmarks is a way of life at Mangalam. We have been running quality circle, and Kaizen for more than four years now. We measure our performance using productivity and quality metrics and continuously run Six Sigma and Lean methodology based projects to improve on these parameters. This results in our clients getting more in terms of improved productivity, reduced defects and higher reliability in our deliverables for the same cost. Our process improvement initiatives also result in process optimization for our client’s internal processes as well.