Records Organizing

Our litigation support team also provides services to organize and index all kind of records like medical records, employment records etc. The input file is made available to the team over secure ftp and the organized/indexed file is delivered the next day. What does this mean for you and your client:

  1. The biggest benefit is seen in the turn-around times. You send us the files before you call it a day in the evening and have the organized-indexed file ready by the time you come to work the next day morning. Our team would have worked on it while you would be asleep – It’s like overnight processing services at no extra costs – in fact at a steep discount.
  2. The second and very important benefit of our services is the cost at which we provide these services. Because of the inherent cost advantage of working out of India, we deliver these services at around 40% of your in-house costs.

And we have been providing these services for leading records retrieval and litigation support companies for over 5 years now.