‘Billable Hour’ Under Attack

In Recession, Companies Push Law Firms for Flat-Fee Contracts
By NATHAN KOPPEL and ASHBY JONES in ‘The Wall Street Journal’

With the recession crimping leg…

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Law firm of the 21st century – The clients’ revolution

This enlightening report by Eversheds talks about the impact of recession, technology and LSA on the legal sector in UK.

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Opinion: Outsourcing back office work helps firms focus on law

By Rob Fink, co-founder, Fenchurch Law

Original Opinion can be found at here…

The legal profession is often accused of remaining in the Dark Ages when it comes to how we present our business to the outside…

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The importance of vendor governance

By Sara Parker Enlow, principal at Vantage Partners

Between two organizational cultures with very different priorities, strategies, and goals, a buyer and provider face numerous challenges. These are:

  • Balancing a need for cost savings and a desire to improve service;
  • Coordin…

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Why Outsource – Why Off shore

Out-sourcing as a concept is not at all new. It basically means getting parts of a job or the complete job done from somebody other than self. Division of labor, hiring employees and delegation are the key components of out-sourcing & can be considered as efforts to improve productivity and achiev…

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What does it mean to be an ISO 27001 company

We usually come across claims by organizations that they are certified ISO 27001:2005 organization. But what does it really mean, and how does it benefit potential business partners? We will try to understand this in more details here, and explain what ISO 27001:2005 compliance means to our business partners.

Let us first understand in l…

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Challenging Times for Inhouse Counsel

By Paul Gilbert, chief executive, LBC Wise Counsel

THE ROLE of the in-house legal team, in good times or bad and on many levels, does not change significantly. In essence, there is a body of work to be done and the fortunes of the company and legal risk profile of its business are not necessarily linked…


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Using predictive mechanism to improve effectiveness of the ‘Quality Assurance’ team

The ‘Quality Assurance’ team usually looks for defects in the product/service before it is delivered to the client, but there is hardly any mechanism to check the effectiveness of QA in a proactive manner. Adding another level of QA i.e. QA of QA un-necessarily adds to the cost without matching benefits. This white-paper portrays a m…


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The Outsourcing Decision Matrix

Organizations sometimes are not clear on whether a particular process should be outsourced or not. IOAP – International Association of Outsourcing Professionals has come up with a matrix that helps organization evaluate whether a particular process/product is fit for outsourcing.
This matrix has two key parameter…

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Outsourcing: 9 signs it’s time to fire your vendor

By Stephanie Overby

Breaking up is hard to do. And when it comes to IT outsourcing, it can be expensive and risky, too. But issues with an outsourcer–such as deteriorating service levels, lack of investment, excessive turnover, or even fraud–are potentially even more costly than the actual break-up.



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