UK Civil Suit Procedure & Possible Tasks that can be outsourced

A process map that outlines what tasks & processes can be outsourced at different stages of UK Civil Suit Procedure.

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Why Outsource – Why Off shore

Out-sourcing as a concept is not at all new. It basically means getting parts of a job or the complete job done from somebody other than self. Division of labor, hiring employees and delegation are the key components of out-sourcing & can be considered as efforts to improve productivity and achi…

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Different Models of Outsourcing

If your organization is looking to outsource some of your business processes to service providers based in a low cost destination, then you might want to know some of the prevalent models of outsourcing. This will help you look at structuring the arrangement in the manner best suited for your outsourcing needs.

Organizations look at outs…

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Outsourcing Objectives & Evolution of the Outsourcing Relationship

Usually, organizations outsource with one of the following objectives in mind:

1) Efficiency

2) Optimization

3) Transformation

Organizations continuously look for ways of doing thin…

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The Outsourcing Decision Matrix

Organizations sometimes are not clear on whether a particular process should be outsourced or not. IOAP – International Association of Outsourcing Professionals has come up with a matrix that helps organization evaluate whether a particular process/product is fit for outsourcing.

This matrix has two key parameter…

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What does it mean to be an ISO 27001 company

We usually come across claims by organizations that they are certified ISO 27001:2005 organization. But what does it really mean, and how does it benefit potential business partners? We will try to understand this in more details here, and explain what ISO 27001:2005 compliance means to our business partners.

Let us first understand in l…

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Using predictive mechanism to improve effectiveness of the ‘Quality Assurance’ team

The ‘Quality Assurance’ team usually looks for defects in the product/service before it is delivered to the client, but there is hardly any mechanism to check the effectiveness of QA in a proactive manner. Adding another level of QA i.e. QA of QA un-necessarily adds to the cost without matching benefits. This white-paper portrays a m…

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